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Our People

KFA sticks and adheres to its highest professionalism, integrity and transparency in its services. With years of experiences and trustworthy given by the customers in asset and property valuation, property management and customer relations, we diligently work to provide the best care of your investment.

What this means to you is that we maintain our excellent relationship and integrity with our valued customers and tenants and diligently caring of your business needs and requirements. We, as much as we can, avoid any potential problems, which would happen or harm to your business.

Noun Rithy

Oknha Noun Rithy

Oknha Noun Rithy, Chairman/CEO, an owner and founder of KFA. He graduated a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering and Master Degree of Business Administration. He has been operating his KFA Company since 2015, from a small to a well-known real estate and construction firm. He has over 10 years of experience in these businesses. He has built strong business connection and network with investors in the Kingdom. Besides running his business, Oknha Noun Rithy intends to share his business/investment experiences with his countrymen or fellow citizens and outside world, especially the new generation who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs. Asides from running his business, he has participated in social support and has made countless contributions to the societies as well as poor people.

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Ry Khemarith

Dr. Ry Khemarith
Business Development Director/Advisor to Chairman/CEO

A self-managed, motivated, highly organized, and result-based oriented professional with over 30-year progressive experiences in Mid/Senior Management and Leadership positions with Non-Profit Organizations, Embassies, United Nations, and Private Sectors. Strong interpersonal, communication, problem solving and decision making skills with ability to establish and maintain strong alliances; lead and motivate teams; drive projects to successful completion; convey complex technical requirements; exceed customer expectations. Areas of Specializations are: 1. Business/Program Development, 2. Project Management, 3. Human Resource Management, and 4. Office Administration. Joined KFA as Business Development Director/Advisor to Chairman/CEO in May 2018. Before joining KFA, had worked as Case Manager and Employment Specialist in San Francisco City, California, United States for 4 years.

Nou Chandy

Nou Chandy
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Nou Chandy has joined KFA as Chief Operating Officer since August 2016 until today. Before joining KFA, he had worked as Valuation and Property Consultancy Director for 9 years with Bonna Realty Group from 2007-2015. And had worked as Vice-President with Land and Houses (Cambodia) Investment Co., Ltd. (LHC) from November 2015 to July 2016. Mr. Chandy has over 10 years of experiences as Asset and Property Valuer and Consultant. He was invited to visit the Indonesian Real Estate Projects in Bali and Jakarta on April 2016 by the Summaracon Company, the second Largest Developer Company in Indonesia. He has participated various real estate and leadership seminars and trainings abroad such as Malaysia and Singapore. He also attended the 17th Pre-Congress Meeting in Siem Reap, Cambodia in 2011, and the 19th Pre-Congress Meeting at Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia in 2015, which was organized by ASEAN VALUERS ASSOCIATION (the “AVA”). Has Attended ARENA Convention & Exhibition held at Berjaya Times Square Hotel in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia in August 2017.

Houn Pheany

Houn Pheany
Chief Finance Officer

Pheany joined Khmer Foundation Appraisal Co., Ltd, as Chief Finance Officer/Asset Appraiser since January 2015. Prior to this, he had worked for Bonna Realty Group (BRG), where he was appointed as Head of Accounting and Finance in Phnom Penh division. During working at BRG, he experienced in asset appraisal and promoted to be deputy asset appraisal in valuation division. He is also a part-time lecturer at Norton University and gives lecture on the following subjects: 1. Principle of Accounting, 2. Managerial & Cost Accounting, 3. Intermediate Accounting, 4. Advanced Accounting, Auditing, and 5. Cambodia Taxation. He used to serve as Deputy Head of Finance at this University as well. Pheany holds a Master Degree in Accounting. He is fluent in Khmer and English.

Var Sovanoudam

Va Sovanoudam
Kampong Cham Branch Manager, Trainer and Public Relations

Sovanoudam holds a Bachelor Degree of General Management and Associate Degree of Accounting and Finance from Build Bright University. He speaks English fluently. Sovanoudam joined Khmer Foundation Appraisal Co., Ltd as Valuation Manager in July 2015. Before joining KFA, he had worked over 7 years with Bunna Realty Group (BRG) as a Valuer and subsequently was promoted to be a Senior Valuer/Researcher and then to be a Valuation Supervisor. During his long term professional career in the real estate sector, he has gained tremendous experiences in the area of Property Valuation, Property Consultancy and Management and so on. In addition to his professional career as Property Valuer, he has also been a Property Valuation Trainer for over 3 years. Besides the real estate sector, he used to be an English Teacher for over 4 years in Mohasa College and New York International School. He then had worked with Cambodia Asia Travel Company (CAT) as Marketing Manager for 6 years and as Marketing Staff Trainer for 3 years. After that he worked as Senior Sale and Marketing Manager for over 2 years with C&T Advertising Company. Mr. Sovanoudam had also been tested by the Ministry of Economy and Finance for the recertification of his license as Property Valuer. He had passed the test and had been awarded a Professional Certificate of Valuer. Sovanoudam has also participated the ASEAN Valuer Conference held in Indonesia 2018.

Kry Buntheng

Mr. Kry Buntheng
Phnom Penh Branch Manager and Trainer

Buntheng hold a Bachelor Degree of Hotel and Tourism Management with Norton University. He speaks English fluently. Buntheng Joints Khmer Foundation Appraisal Co., Ltd. In April 2015 as a Property Appraiser and subsequently has been promoted to Property Valuation Supervisor and then to Valuation Manager and Trainer. He is holding the Valuer License issued by the Ministry of Economic and Finance with registration No263. Buntheng has been in Real Estate Sector for over 5 years. Prior to joining with Khmer Foundation Appraisal Co., Ltd. He had worked as Marketing Coordinator for over 4 years with Dermal Essential Company. During his 10-years professional career, he has held various positions such as Sale and purchasing Manager, Property Appraiser, Valuation Manager and Trainer, Operation Manager. He has conduct Valuation Training for staff at Khmer Foundation Appraisal Co., Ltd. He also made tremendous Valuation Presentation with various Bank Panel Buntheng had also participant the ASEAN Valuer Conference in Phnom Penh in 2017.

Nou Chandy

Mr. Sorn Roatha
Siem Reap Branch Manager

Roatha holds a Bachelor Degree of English literature from Norton University. He speaks English fluently. Mr. Roatha has 10 years of experience in real estate sector as a property appraiser and consultant. He is holding a valuer license issued by Ministry of Economic and Finance with registration No. 499. He has joined KFA as a Valuation Branch Manager in 2018. Before joining KFA, he had worked for CBM Cooperation (BB World) for 4 years as a Restaurant Management Trainee. He also used to work as an English Teacher for one year at Methodist School of Cambodia. In addition, he had worked as Apraiser/Valuer for 10 years with Bonna Realty Group (BRG) and later on was promoted to be a Valuation Branch Manager based in Sihanoukville with the same company. He used to work as short term consultant in the area of Real Estates and products Trade in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand. He had attended the 18th Asean Valuer Association Congress at Nha Trang, Vietname in 2014 and had joined the 13th Asian Leadership Forum at Vientiane, Lao in 2016.

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