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Chairman/CEO's Message

kfa ceo

Dear Beloved Customers,

First of all, allow me express my wholehearted thanks to all customers for your tireless supports and trusts in using our services and taking your time to learn more about KFA’s businesses. We assure you that we faithfully serve you with your needs and provide you with a highest standard of services and the better results than you have experienced in the past from others.

Our Company specializes in Asset and Property Appraisals and Property Consultancy for both selling and leasing across Cambodia, including Property Management, Investment, Development, Engineering, and Construction.

Our highest priority in this business is to build relationship and trust with our customers and to place integrity in the heart of whatever we do. We serve you in the highest standard and professional manner for your successful businesses. Providing a highest level of services in a great ethical, trustworthy, professional, and transparent manner is of utmost importance to your business and that the KFA Company is the right choice for you.

We strictly adhere to your satisfactions and expectations, understand your needs and/or investment and to listen to your problem and to provide you with solution and all necessary information in regard to property appraisal, Real Estate investment and market.

Obviously, the future of Cambodia is bright and full of opportunities for your business growth and successes. We help you grow your business. Your success becomes part of our success as we enjoy seeing your businesses thrive and are enabled to continue to serve your future business and real estate needs.

We take pride of ourselves in the commitment, dedication and loyalty we provide you in serving your needs, no matter how challenging the requirements are. You will appreciate our consistency, professionalism, and the great results we deliver.

Last but not least, if you are interested in property appraisal, buying, selling, leasing of lands, houses, villas, warehouses, and other commercial buildings, please contact our Company. We will assist you accordingly.

Finally, I sincerely and deeply appreciate you for taking your time to learn more about our company and use our professional and transparent services.
Please feel free to contact us at Hotlines: Phnom Penh. (855) 77 216 168. KampongCham. (855) 77 274 168. Siem Reap. (855) 77 275 168. Battambang. (855) 77 273 168. Kampot. (855) 260 168 or access to our Website at should you need further information.

Best regards,

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Oknha Noun Rithy

Our Professional, Reliable, Trustworthy, Integrity, and Transparent Service is Your Solution!

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