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Professional and Ethical Standard

KFA believes that providing Professional and High Ethical Standard to customers are the utmost fundamental best practices to our business. The philosophy of our Company is “Trust, Professional, And Transparency.” We also follow the below five key standard concepts of Global Professional and Ethical Standards presented by the Royal Institute of Surveyor (RICS) based in Singapore and Malaysia.

  1. Act with Integrity. Be honest and straightforward in all that we do.
  2. Always Provide A High Standard Of Service. Always ensure our client, or others to whom we have a professional responsibility, receive the best possible advice, support or performance of the terms of engagement we have agreed to.
  3. Act In A Way That Promotes Trust In The Profession. Act in a manner, both in our professional life and private one; promote ourselves, our company or the organization we work for in a professional and positive way.
  4. Treat Others With Respect. Treat everyone with courtesy, politeness and respect and consider cultural sensitivities and business practices.
  5. Take Responsibility. Be accountable for all our actions - don't blame others if things go wrong, and if we suspect something isn't right, be prepared to take action.
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