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Company Overview

Khmer Foundation Appraisals (KFA), Co., Ltd, is a legal, registered and one of the top 5 Real Estates and Consulting Companies founded by Oknha Noun Rithy who has over 10 years experiences in Real Estates industries in Cambodia. The KFA Company was licensed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance with its registration number EV-15-165.

The Company brings an in-depth understanding and extensive knowledge of valuation, sales, leasing, and consulting services across Cambodia and has created numerous successful real estate transactions throughout the country. The Company provides Asset and Property Appraisals, Property Consultancy for both selling and leasing property across Cambodia, including Property Development, Management, Investment, Engineering, and Construction. The Company also provides appraisals services for mortgage origination, relocation, forced sales, reviews, bankruptcy, asset valuation, share allocation, divorce, trust/estate matters, and court testimony.

The Company’s regulations and policies conform to National and International standards of business ethics in the delivery of the professional real estate services and more. The management and staff of the Company are committed to providing the best services to the clienteles in an absolutely honest, reliable, confident, transparent, independent and efficient manner.

The Company’s Professional Valuation Team of creative, dynamic, well trained valuation appraisers and/or valuers with tremendous and excellent skills in the Real Estate market, is ready to providing its esteemed customers with an efficient, quality and transparent services by using the most unique and innovative databases system, which maintains all the past and current data in the system. In response to the demands of the costumers’ needs, KFA has expanded its branch offices to Battambang, Siem Reap, Kompong Cham, and Kompot provinces. Our technical and professional teams have worked very closely between these offices. We have equipped and manned with full staff and facilities at our branch offices in these provinces

Impressively and consecutively within the last 3 years of its business, KFA has received the International Quality Crown Award in 2017 by the BID Group and IQC Selection Committee in London, England, received the Valuation Company of the Year Award by the 2018 and received another honorable Award (The BIZZ AMERICAS 2019) for Excellent in Businesses Leadership, Managerment, Marketing Management, Quality Managment and Innovative Knowledgeable and Systematic Manner in San Francisco, California, USA by the World Confederation of Business. As a result, the Company becomes one of the leading and top 5 Real Estates Companies in Cambodia and has built more business partners across the country. We are here to guarantee your business transaction to go as smoothly as possible. If you’d like to engage in our services or simply want to know more, please feel free to contact us at Hotlines: Phnom Penh. (855) 77 216 168. Kampong Cham. (855) 77 274 168. Siem Reap. (855) 77 275 168. Battambang. (855) 77 273 168. Kampot. (855) 260 168 or access to our Website at

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