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Property Management

KFA-Management Fees & Other Charges

Our initial start up fess is $1. KFA has a reduced rate per month of only 9% of the gross monthly rent amount compared to most other companies at the rate of 9%. This amount includes the following services:

Property Management at KFA

Our experienced local management team provides great service, knowledge of the area and surrounding environment, and people who will care for your investment property as to be owned.

kfa property management

KFA's goal is to minimize your stress and maintain your return on investment. We pride customers with Trust, Professional and Transparency!

KFA-Professional Team

KFA works to achieve the highest professionalism in property management services. With years of experience in property management and customer relations, we diligently work to provide the best care for your investment.

What this means to you is by maintaining excellent relations with our tenants and diligently caring for your property, we avoid most potential problems.

Residents are informed of their responsibilities regarding your property by receiving our tenants. We will quickly and professionally settle any problems that may arise, with our clients' interest in mind.

kfa property management


First and Foremost, KFA supervises maintenance. We contract only the most skilled, reliable licensed and insured maintenance contractors in the area.

The actual maintenance expenses for the home are the responsibility of the homeowner. Every effort is made to control maintenance costs while maintaining the integrity and value of the property. Problem reports are verified to eliminate unnecessary service calls.

Periodic inspections of your home are done throughout the year.KFA documents all inspections with pictures and reports and signed by tenants at time of inspection.

KFA-Monthly Financial Reporting & Owners Reserve Fund Account

KFA collects monthly rent payments and sends proceeds to owner either through our team or Post Office or Direct electronic mail. A complete statement of your property accounts and reserve funds account are provided each month.

KFA prepares all appropriate contractors and vendors, so you don't have to worry about that. Additionally, at the end of the year, we prepare all necessary documents for your tax preparer.

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