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Our Services

Asset & Property Appraisal

Property valuations play a very important role in today’s business environment.

Property Consultancy

To acquire, develop, own and manage a property portfolio requires a significant investment of both time and money and carries a high degree of risk.

Property Development

KFA is a highly successful group of associated companies generating excellent returns from investment,

Engineering and Construction

Whether You Are Investors, developers, builders, or contractors, the challenges and opportunities in the industry have never been greater.

Property Investment

Every payment you make on your property puts you one step closer to acquire a major possession…

Property Management

Our experienced local management team provides great service, knowledge of the area and surrounding environment, and people who will care for your investment property as to be owned. 

Managing Business Partner

Having strong partnership can make a tremendous impact on your business. If it’s a good partnership, it can scale your company to new levels.

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